Compression Socks
Compression Socks
Compression Socks
Compression Socks
Compression Socks
Compression Socks
Compression Socks

    Compression Socks


    High-performance compression Socks, Natural Herb-infused fabric, Moisture-wicking and relieves muscle pains

    • HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION SOCKS Tight Medical-Grade Stockings Apply Continuous Pressure to Feet, Ankles & Calves to Boost Circulation, Prevent Fatigue & Accelerate Recovery
    • NATURAL HERB-INFUSED FABRIC A Soothing Blend of Camphor, Wintergreen & Safflower Oil Activates Upon Movement for Better Blood Flow, Reduced Inflammation & Swelling
    • BREATHABLE MOISTURE-WICKING CONSTRUCTION Lightweight, Sweat-Absorbing Material Keeps You Cool, Dry & Comfortable All Day Long While Helping to Reduce Odors, Itchiness & Irritation
    • MACHINE WASHABLE FOR EASY EVERYDAY WEAR Patented Design Retains Infused Formula & Pressure Compression Up to 40 Washes, Making Them Ideal for Daily Activities, Exercise & Beyond
    • POWER THROUGH PAIN, AIM FOR PROGRESS Green Drop Develops Innovative Medical-Grade Sleeves & Socks Inspired by Motion & Meant to Protect & Empower Healthy, Vibrant Lifestyles
    • 60 % Nylon / 25% Polyester / 15% Spandex

    What level of compression is required?

    15-20 mmhg

    The most common therapeutic or moderate compression socks

    Good for everyday use compression
    Helps with mild swelling, and fatigue due to standing for long periods of time
    Helps reduce swelling on longer flights 
    Helps to maintain healthy, energized legs

    The most common MEDICAL GRADE compression socks

    Can be used during and after regular sports activities, to help maintain healthy legs & aid in recovery

    Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), also known as "Economy Class Syndrome"

     Helps prevent varicose veins and spider veins during pregnancy

     Helps relieve tired, aching legs, and minor swelling feet, ankles and legs

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