McKeeson's to distribute Green Drop® across the USA

by Jamie Smilovici on November 19, 2022

When pain and soreness take you out of the game, get the power to play on, get Green Drop®


Monroe, Connecticut – Nov 15 2022

Green Drop® a Connecticut-based athletic gear company, today announced its distribution partnership with McKesson (NYSE: MCK) to increase their online presence, including Amazon, to expand the brands range into the highly fragmented institutional market and in support of their pursuit of the national mass-retail Market.


Green Drop® compression products help support quick muscle recovery, joint protection, and increased mobility. Leveraging recent advances in science and technology, Green Drop® products are distinctive for their ability to promote better blood flow and faster recovery through a patented Capsule & Binder System to infuse science-backed ingredients into the fabric during the product finishing process. With many Americans affected by chronic pain or discomfort, they are committed to providing an innovative solution that empowers people like you!


“Over the course of my career, I've seen firsthand how many people are sidelined by their bodies' limitations. But now I have a solution: it's all in the fabric. Green Drop® products infuse three ingredients: Camphor, Wintergreen, and Safflower oil into a complete line of high-performance products that provide a fresh take on therapeutic active wear. By supporting muscles and joints while soothing pain, we're empowering people like me to stay active and get back in the game!” Said Matt Levinson, founder of Green Drop®


It's not easy to stay active, and sometimes you just have to do what you can to get back on the field. The pain and soreness that often take you out of the game can be debilitating, but with Green Drop®, you can take back control. In addition to providing the power of Muscle Rub, which is retained for up to 40 washes, Green Drop’s ventilated construction keeps the compression sleeves and socks odor and moisture-free. The products stretch in length, but not width, to ensure maximum compression without restricting any range of motion.


About Green Drop®

Founded in 2019, (54 years young), I was sidelined by the limitations of muscle and joint discomfort. Passionate about staying active, I knew I needed a breakthrough solution to recover faster, increase my mobility and get back in the game.


I found my solution by creating Green Drop®, a company devoted to empowering active people (like me) to stay active.


Green Drop® offers a fresh take on therapeutic activewear by supporting muscles and joints while soothing pain and soreness.


It’s that simple. The cycle of pain ends—and you’re back in the game.


Stay active.


—Matt Levinson

                                                  Activity evangelist and Green Drop® founder



Matt Levinson

Green Drop

+1 203-218-6782


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